Cisco quality with ease of use

Have you ever wondered how you could make your company’s IT system even more efficient and get the most out of it? Most of us have already had this question in mind, and now we would like to offer an unusual alternative to answer it. Providing a high level IT experience. Simple interface. An immersive world of digital experiences. Affordable price. – all these opportunities are provided by Meraki.


 What is Cisco Meraki?

The Meraki cloud-based interface is a centralized, security feature that allows you to control your entire network through one single interface. Initially, Meraki embarked on a project called Roofnet, which aimed to create a wireless network in the city of Cambridge. In just a few years, Cisco Meraki has changed the way of network management thinking. Your out-of-band cloud system creates a secure, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy network that you can easily access from a coffee shop or even your home. This can be accomplished from almost any device using the Meraki Dashboard and the Meraki Mobile App.


The question may arise as to exactly what Meraki offers an alternative to. The answer to this is very simple. After the digital revolution, companies began to transform their work environments into the most efficient performance possible. However, several people made the mistake of not choosing the best solution. Most of the systems were not user-friendly, they provided an easy target for various viruses, they required a lot of financial resources, and due to their numerous failures, they also worsened employee satisfaction. However, we dare to say that this period is over. Cisco Meraki helps you grow and improve your business with cloud-based IT solutions that offer unlimited possibilities. And what exactly do we mean by that? Allow us to briefly summarize for you;

  • Meraki offers a reliable, secure network connection for your most important data and activities, regardless of distance.
  • Thanks to the cloud-based interface, you can easily maintain the flexibility and efficiency of devices released by BYOD or the company.
  • Provides secure remote access to credit approvals, payments, insurance claims and customer data while ensuring privacy.
  • 100% remote control
  • You can monitor all devices 24 hours a day and receive instant alerts in case of any problems.
  • The Meraki dashboard provides an intuitive, cloud-based interface for managing your entire network.
  • World class service at an affordable price


what is Cisco Meraki?


Cisco Quality with Ease of Use

In addition to Cisco Meraki, we can list a number of arguments as to why it has been able to renew the mindset of network management and why more and more businesses are choosing the Meraki experience. Its simple interface and captivating features can amaze you in a matter of seconds. Anyone who once became acquainted with this system would never change it afterwards. But let’s look at what reasons we have for Cisco Meraki.

As mentioned above, in the 21st century, IT modernization of enterprises is essential. There are many benefits to a digital workplace that can be used to easily reduce everyday difficulties and costs. A modern work environment can boost creativity, increase productivity, enhance employee experience, and also improve employee morale. This is also the reason why small and large companies are constantly working to direct their operations as much as possible towards the digital world. Year by year, an increaseing number of organizations are beginning to recognize the benefits of cloud-based, easy-to-use network services, including increased speed, reliability, security, and support service.


Cisco Meraki system


How can we help achieve this?

In the image of Cisco Meraki, we offer you one of the best platforms in the world to enjoy the benefits of digitization in your workplace. Using our cloud-based dashboard, all you need is Internet connection in order to manage your installed infrastructure from anywhere. We provide access to the cloud from any work device you use. All Meraki devices are controlled by an intuitive browser-based interface or application that makes it easy to operate your entire network with fast installation, unlimited scalability, and troubleshooting from anywhere.

The Meraki Dashboard allows administrators to view network users, bandwidth consumption, and application usage on all sites. You can also customize the rules of your system as you wish. You have the ability to block, modify, or even customize a whitelist to optimize performance and user experience. Deep access and control provides real insight from any device accessible to the Internet.

You’ve probably just started thinking about how much such an impressive service may cost. This is reasonable, as most IT investments mean huge expenses for businesses, and financial decisions are often difficult to make. We want to make sure you don’t have to be afraid when choosing Meraki. Our company offers Cisco Meraki at the best price for companies. In addition to keeping your business in safe hands with Meraki, you’ll be even richer with a wallet-friendly affordable service. This is truly an opportunity not to be missed if you want to get quality at a good price. Let’s take a look at what else Cisco Meraki has to offer you.

New generation wifi

Thanks to WiFi, companies can provide the best possible experience for their customers. It is undeniable that in today’s world, WiFi plays a key role in building and maintaining a successful business. Proper customer service and constant development of infrastructure can give your business an extra way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. However, instead of the traditional standards so far, we would like to introduce you to a higher level of WiFi;

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of the Wi-Fi standard, which, in addition to its high performance and reliability, allows networks to increase their capacity in line with next-generation applications.


Cisco Meraki wifi


A Meraki Wi-Fi 6:


  1. Relieves Wi-Fi congestion
    You will easily be able to handle the growing number of devices that come with the introduction of IoT. Professionally designed and optimized for real-time use, wireless technology is designed to give you a better user experience. It is one of the simplest, most secure, and ideal solutions for managing your wireless infrastructure.
  2. It is also a good choice in the field of mobility
    Wi-Fi 6 provides users with a new and better user experience; it offers faster speeds and more capacity in any environment.
  3. High performance Wi-Fi, both indoors and outdoors:
    This latest Wi-Fi technology delivers more performance and efficiency than ever before – even in places where the number of users is very high, such as larger companies or multis.
  4. Sophisticated performance monitoring and protection:
    With automated Wi-Fi channels, multiple on-site management, and intrusion prevention, our wireless technology is easy to use and highly secure.
  5. Rich analyses for gaining experience
    Our smart access points provide valuable insight into client devices – helping you identify bottlenecks or build custom local knowledge software solutions.
  6. Unmatched availability
    Our cloud-based dashboard provides full access to network users, devices and their applications. This allows you to quickly create access control and application usage policies that optimize both the user experience and network security.
  7. Smarter analysis
    Location analytics and reporting features provide real-time statistics to help you understand usage traffic and improve customer engagement and loyalty to your sites.
  8. New generation Wi-Fi
    The full range of Wi-Fi 6 models – with multi-gigabit technology – allow you to optimize wireless access points for a seamless user experience with faster connections, greater user capacity and greater coverage.

Cisco Meraki also supports BYOD policy

BYOD or “Bring your own device!” is a new wave of workplace structure. The essence of this initiative is that we can make our own devices suitable for the performance of corporate tasks, thus it is not necessary to keep a separate notebook or a separate mobile phone. This can make everyday life easier for employees (for example, you don’t have to worry about two phones) and reduce company expenses. With Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management, you can centrally secure, monitor, and secure all of your organization’s devices while constantly monitoring your network, including the ongoing change of devices. Data centers can also help make this even better and more secure.

If you like this new “trend,” you can use it to integrate a secure solution into your business that allows personal devices to access your entire corporate network without having to worry about privacy. During the preparation phase, pre-register all devices and then easily add new users to the network. Then conveniently install wireless VPN connection settings, push apps, and app content, or restrict usage based on user groups.


Providing physical protection

Cisco Meraki also provides security for you in physical space. Our smart cameras are easy to install, configure and manage. In addition, they provide reliable security monitoring without the need to send video files to the cloud or local server.

Additional advantages of our cameras:

  • Centralized cloud management: Easily manage and monitor cameras from anywhere in the world. (no need to install additional software)
  • Everything in the box: With video storage and high-performance hardware, you don’t need an NVR or extra analysis packages.
  • Super Security: All Meraki data is encrypted by default. SSL certificates create a secure channel between the user and the server.
  • Conscious – Bandwidth: The new architecture places the video storage in the camera, not in the cloud, ensuring that critical network activities can easily reach the required bandwidth.

Using our cameras also provides a number of other services to our users;

To install the camera family:

  • You can adjust optical and software settings remotely
  • Integrated, high-quality solid state storage
  • High definition recording
  • Advanced, high-quality processor on all cameras
  • Models for multipurpose installations
  • Second generation cameras (with model number ending in number 2)


Online privacy

Nor can we ignore the importance of (online) privacy. In today’s world, protecting our personal information is a high priority for all of us. Many times we don’t even think about how much we store about ourselves on the World Wide Web. Personal information, intellectual property, workplace reports and I could even list the plethora of data that are under constant threat in the online space, in the absence of adequate protection.

Creating security and protecting users ’data is not only essential, but an extraordinary challenge for both administrators and users. Continuous improvement of security systems, as well as troubleshooting, all serve to protect our users ’data and devices, regardless of location, network, or application. In addition to the security features we offer, you can feel completely secure, allowing you to pay more attention to other sections of your business.

To solve this, we recommend AMP, or Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, the industry’s leading malware protection solution. With a database of more than 500 million known files per day and more than 1.5 million new inbound file samples, AMP not only provides protection against a global threat, but also provides a broad view of the entire network during and after a malware attack.

Today, the scale of the threat has reached unprecedented heights, and a security solution that is more than just blocking malware has become more important than ever. Security experts are increasingly agreeing that comprehensive, in-depth protection is essential to maintain effective network security.

AMP offers world-class protection against malware. In addition to constantly updating its database and analyzing newer malware, the Threat Grid, combined with the sandbox, provides protection against malware that not only prevents users from downloading malware, but also provides comprehensive security against malware (even on the system).

Best of all, by integrating it into Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based dashboard, Meraki MX customers find it incredibly easy to configure and monitor AMP operations.


With the proliferation of modern applications and mixed-use networks, port-based security is often no longer sufficient. The 7-tier next-gen firewall provided by Cisco Meraki gives administrators complete control. This makes it easier for them to control users, content, and applications. The next-generation Cisco Meraki firewall is included in all wireless access points and security devices. The firewall is used to categorize all network processes. This allows you to easily configure conference prioritization and block Spotify or Netflix.

In addition to protecting our data, building a secure network connection is also a key issue for everyone. IPSec VPN channels make it easy to build connections between websites. Meraki VPNs can be configured with a few clicks, configured securely, and after a few seconds, you can enjoy all the benefits of the service. Cisco Meraki Security System can be deployed from the cloud from anywhere in seconds. Synchronizing security settings is also extremely simple, as you can securely connect channels via an intuitive, web-based dashboard with just 3 clicks thanks to the automatic VPN technology.

With the Meraki cloud-based interface, security is guaranteed for users that is 100% centralized for networking and application control. It also offers smarter SD-WAN access in just a few seconds. The built-in SD-WAN in all security devices reduces operating costs and improves resource utilization. You can take advantage of available bandwidth more efficiently and provide the highest possible level of performance for critical applications without sacrificing security or privacy.

Each Meraki Security Appliance supports a number of features:

  • Next-gen firewall
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Content filtering
  • Cloud-mediated VPN
  • Malware protection
  • High standby


It Security


In summary

As you can see, the Cisco Meraki is one of the best choices if you want to know your workplace system in safe hands at an affordable price. It is no coincidence that thousands of businesses around the world have already switched to Meraki. With its simple management, security features, and cloud-based interface, you can easily secure and manage your entire system with all the tools you need. You can monitor these devices 24 hours a day, and you receive instant alerts in case of any problems with them. Meraki provides a reliable, stable network connection for your data and activities, regardless of distance, which also guarantees 100% remote control. It offers secure (remote) access to various financial transactions, such as credit approvals, other payments, and insurance claims. Along these processes, of course, we place great emphasis on compliance with applicable data protection rules.

Overall, Meraki provides you with an innovative, cloud-based networking solution that provides a simple interface, stability, speed, and a high degree of visibility into your entire enterprise network, from anywhere, anytime.