Dear Partners,

In view of the force majeure situation caused by the coronavirus and the resulting increased number of “HOMEOFFICE” system change requests, Rendszerinformatika Zrt., From March 16th, 2020 until the existence of the virus situation, regulates the technical support services as follows:

In all types of support, existing errors and availability are managed and provided according to the contract, according to the contracted SLA. There will be no negative change in this until at least 50% of the technical staff can take the job.

On – site presence
Affected support type: DESKTOP & USER support
To protect our proactive colleagues and technical team, we do not normally assume an on-site presence, we reserve the right to subject each report to an individual risk analysis, considering the risk of infection by our colleagues and the impact of the error on business.

These can be:
DESKTOP & USER support – installation of new devices, installation of new applications, moving to homeoffice, etc.
VoIP PBX support – creating new extensions, IVR programming, requesting redirects
SERVER support – create a new server, install a server application, modify server applications
LOCAL Network Support – firewall settings, creating new networks, etc.



Support for home systems (HomeOffice)
Affected support type: DESKTOP & USER support, VoIP PBX support
Please note that under contract (declared support locations), workstations and telephones operated in a home environment are not covered by our contracts, with the exception of customers with a business continuity contract supplement. For these types of announcements, we record a work ticket, then prioritize it based on its impact on business, and signal its expected start within a deadline. We reserve the right to re-prioritize or modify the feedback deadline several times.

Rental equipment service
As long as our logistics partners pick up our orders, the delivery and replacement of equipments are smooth.


Data center services
Currently, the services we provide here, work smoothly.
It is in our common interest to avoid the risk of mass infections and continue to provide our colleagues with time for existing systems. With all the capabilities at our disposal, we work to serve the needs that have arisen and to provide a solution to them. In view of the above, we ask our customers to understand and cooperate in connection with the emergency due to the possibly increased delivery deadline.
the Rendszerinformatika’s team.