In order to increase the satisfaction of our customers, our company introduces a Loyality Customer program, under which our special customers can receive extra discounts. For our partners, we credit IT points after their purchases at Rendszerinformatika Zrt. The points, that you earned in a calendar year, can be use to purchase products at any time during the current year, but no later than March 31 of the following year.


General terms and conditions for participation in the Loyalty Program:

  • Any customer of Rendszerinformatika Zrt. is entitled to participate in the program, who has used a fleet lease, Internet or system management or server operation service, or
  • You have not been more than 10 days late in settling your bills in the month on which the bonus is based, or
  • Its registration related to participation was confirmed by Rendszerinformatika Zrt. on the attached sheet “Information and participation conditions”. Based on this, Rendszerinformatika Zrt. provided to you an access to the website.
  • Employees and companies in interest of Rendszerinformatika Zrt. do not participate in the program.


Loyality Program


The amount of the discount provided in the program:

  • 1% and 2% of the net value of customer sales, will be credited in IT points in a calendar year.
  • In the case of commercial purchases, 1% of the net value of the purchase will be accounted. So after buying 100 HUF we are ginving you  1 IT point;
  • 2% of the net value of non-commercial, continuous monthly services used, we give you 2 IT points after a 200 HUF buying;
  • The value of 1 IT point is 1 HUF


Bonus credit, redemption of IT points

Points are credited to customers’ IT point accounts as a bonus, until the last day of the month following each month, based on already settled invoices. On the official website of the Loyality Customer Program (, all our customers can follow the development of their points. Our customers are informed about the list of products, which can be selected within the framework of the Loyal Customer Program on a quarterly basis through the website. Accumulated points may be used at any time during a given calendar year, but no later than 31 March of the following calendar year. When purchasing the selected products, the bonus provided by the points collected so far, can be included in the total amount of the invoice as a discount. It is necessary to indicate the intention to redeem at the email address at the same time as ordering the choosen product.

Items, that are not used by March 31 of the current calendar year, cannot be carried over to the next calendar year, and the program does not provide a refund.