Comms: VoIP & Virtual PBX Services

We offer IP based virtual PBX services with a wide range of telecommunication solutions: Call handling, call forward, voice mail box in e-mail, IVR, voice recording. The implemented virtual PBX infrastructure can be flexible developed further.

Our dedicated SIP trunk service we connect you with your customers and partners outbound the company even if it's a local or international call.

Cost efficient monthly and traffic fees, free of charge unlimited inbound calls within the company.

Data Network

We offer dedicated, direct connection data network solutions based on our optic fibre backbone between your office headquarter(s) and data centre (WAN), with dedicated, symmetric bandwidth internet service.

We take care of your WAN network importance: we apply latest optic fibre technology to ensure the maximum SLA and fastest way to exchange your data traffic. In case of more offices we offer dedicated, but private VPN data network connection between offices sites.

The dedicated optic fibre data network is an absolutely direct connection between your office sites and your data centre. Fast, up to 10Gbps data transfer speed, with reliable and high-level SLA service: 99,7% yearly guaranteed operation, in case of redundant solution 99,9% SLA is available.

With our P2P (peer to peer) dedicated Internet service, we offer direct connection between your office headquarter(s) and internet centre (BiX - Budapest Internet Exchange) throughout a high-speed optic fibre connection. The main advantage of this service comparing the traditional internet connections (where the service might be operated more networks including co-provider network as well ) is the dedicated direct connections which excludes any overloads or 3rd party network outages: thanks to this we provide and guarantee exceptional high-level SLA.

The maximum available high-speed is 10 Gb/s, with guaranteed down- and upload speed, with outstanding high-level SLA service.

Integrated data network solution for facilities:

  You don't need to deal with the design, implementation and operation tasks of the office buildings / industry zone's entire telecommunication, structured cabling and LAN network.

We serve all demands of property Lessee's quickly: providing high-quality service without involvement of facility management, you can save time and energy to focus on your core business.

Not necessary anymore for facility management to concede with all Telco operators in case of Node's implementation or any change request. We provide project management service and cooperate with all involved parties.

We design and deliver structured network, which will be fully administrated and monitoring in order to avoid from "cable chaos" and preventing technical problems.