Private and public Wifi networks
Beside our optic fibre data network and internet solutions, supporting the latest office infrastructure design, we offer additional WiFi network services: design, delivery and implementation as well as operation and maintenance services between your office seat (PC, laptop).

Office printers
'Develop' office printers with full operation and maintenance service with access rights and data privacy solutions.

IT Security
With our Cisco IT security firewall solutions we offer full safety for your LAN data network, with a wide range of features: URL filtering, network firewall routing, intrusion prevention, advance malware protection or identity- policy control& VPN.

IP camera solutions
If you take care of your headquarter or offices physical security, we offer you IP camera services with entire implementation and operations.

Remote monitoring
We provide intelligent, easy to use, flexible monitoring systems, which are capable to monitor more servers at the same time. Thanks to this state of the art technology, you will be informed quickly from the status of the servers. You will be notified several different kind of way based on your preference: e-mail, SMS, voice mail or programmable automatic voice call as well. 

With the help of our solutions, your office infrastructure can be managed at anywhere, anytime: regardless it's a remote control, use w/o install, remote maintenance or giving permanent access rights.

On-site support
We offer high graduated professionals at your disposal 24 hours in a day, and guarantee quick response and problem solving. In case of necessity we provide on-sites support as well immediately. No matter which kind of main vendor (IBM, HP or Cisco) infrastructure is operated – or a hybrid platform is running, we prepared to provide immediate support.

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