Apple devices


Choosing the right device has become increasingly difficult. You may often feel it is nearly impossible to decide among the countless options. Today people have the opportunity to choose from numerous products of different companies and brands. Furthermore, newer and newer devices are constantly added to their existing range of products. But how shall you know which is the best choice for you? Let us give you some help regarding your decision-making. Our best offer for you is Apple.


Why is it worth using Apple devices?

„Do Apple devices indeed have the best Value for Money on the market?” – an increasing number of people ask that. Some may think Apple’s popularity is based solely on their name, however, Apple products have the distinguishing features of convenience, technology, and financial benefits that set them apart from the wide range of competitors.


Convenience benefits – the Apple experience

It can assuredly be stated that today Apple is one of the best-known companies in the world. It’s no coincidence that each year more people want to own the „Apple feeling”. The beauty of the design, the simplicity of use, and the convenient synchronization with other devices are impressive to customers. The interface of Apple devices is simple and easy to use. Apple is dedicated to providing its customers with the best user experience and Apple employees endeavour to make Apple products an excellent choice.

No effort is spared when Apple products are created in order to make it a real piece of art. The company places a particular emphasis on exclusivity and they do not settle for the average but aim to achieve more and more and this attitude might be fascinating and catching for many. Apple has such users and followers that no other company has. Apple owners are people who wish to work with top-of-the-range products and appreciate the pure but eye-catching design.



Technological benefits

It’s not a secret that the current technology of smart devices can be considered as a result of Apple’s creativity. The company was the pioneer in the field and is still the first to present the newest ideas and innovations. Apple founder Steve Jobs played a vital role in this success. Besides the stunning design, what he found the most important was customers identifying the devices with quality and high technology. According to Jobs: „Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Besides being premium category, another essential characteristic of Apple is constant renewal. Apple upgrades its products annually therefore ensures the useful life and usability of the devices. As a result, every Apple product is equipped with the latest processor and the most modern software and hardware. Devices are easily sychronized with the help of Apple iCloud, which enables the smooth sharing of photos and other data stored on your iPhone with other Apple products. For instance when a photo is taken with an iPhone, it is automatically transferred to the user’s computer by iCloud. Of course it does not apply to photos only, it can be any document, as well. Sharing files and data has become even faster since the intoduction of U1 chips. During video conferences, you can see your partners and their presentations in 4K resolution. Apple products can also be connected to Meraki Cisco devices in order to take full advantage of their potential. This grants you access to your workplace network from anywhere, and anytime, as well as facilitate the operation of office equipment and communication among employees.

However, there is still more to Apple than meets the eye: Super Retina XDR allows you to dim the screen light, which can be useful for those who prefer working at night. It is able to display numerous ranges of dark and light both in the case of photos and videos. In addition, the current brightness function can be used to automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to the prevailing light conditions. Apple products have support for Microsoft Office 365. This allows users to access, view, and edit files in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Apple’s innovations remain unbroken, making the company precede its competitors by 3-5 years. Other companies are trying to innovate and introduce new devices to the market based on Apple’s ideas, but Apple’s leadership remains unquestionable.



Financial benefits

Apple products are often considered too expensive; however, it is entirely relative. The brand provides luxury products and everyone yearns a „piece of Apple”. Compared to its competitors, Apple’s market value has been characterized by stability for years. Unlike Android, Apple retains the same value even after 3-4 years of use, which is almost double of its expected lifespan. Apple devices can provide high quality even after years, without the need of replacement. Apple’s software upgrades also contribute to this, guaranteeing the longest possible lifespan compared to other vendors. For example, five years after the release of an iPhone, a new software upgrade can still be expected. As a result, an older device can stay up-to-date for years. Moreover, providing the latest security features is of utmost importance for Apple. This is why Touch ID has been replaced by Face ID technology. Face ID provides an intuitive and secure authentication for users. Apple devices can be unlocked with just one glance, still severely securing online data. Apple products may be a more expensive investment, but they may be more worthwhile in the long run than choosing the cheaper options.



Who do we recommend Apple devices to?

We recommend Apple to those who look for the best quality available and wish to own premium products at the best Value for Money. When buying any Apple product, the customer does not only get a piece of electronics, but also a new taste of life they have never experienced before and never want to lack anymore. Those who are acquainted with the quality of Apple, are also acquainted with top-quality. Do not hesitate to change if you feel your current level of equipment is no longer sufficient. Apple provides such products that improve both your everyday life and work. By choosing Apple, you will surely be equipped with a stable, secure and state-of-the-art product, which has all the latest features and technology.